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We are looking into a new Rotary year. 
Pictured below is the incoming District 5950 Governor Russ Michaeltz and Jennifer Kerfeld who was named the President for the Sauk Centre Rotary club 2019-2020 year.
We had a visit from some of our District Rotary friends.
Jim Nelson- Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary club and also Rotary Foundation Chair, Russ Michaletz-incoming District 5950 Governor 2019-2020, Tom Gump-District 5950 Governor for the 2020-21 year
Jim gave us some great information about the Rotary Foundation. What the funds are used for, how the funds are gathered and how they decide who will receive local and international grants. Our club has utilized these grants that past couple years and we would love to continue to do so.
Learn more here: Together we can all make a difference!
Pictured below with our current President Mike Traeger.
BIO Girls of Sauk Centre
Bio girls is a 12 week program that is for girls ages 7-14 in Sauk Centre. This is the first year in Sauk Centre, MN and they are looking for some start up funds. It takes $3500 just to get the program up and running for a full year. They can allow 35 girls into the program, IF they receive more than 35 applications then they will use the lottery system to determine the 35 who will be accepted.
The program help young ladies find their worth so they can confidently stand up to social pressures as they get into the tough teenage years. For every 3 students there will be a mentor and they will meet weekly and do activities (most outdoors) for about an hour and a half, at the end of the program they will run a 5K as a completion to the program. There is a registration fee for each girl to participate.

BIO Girls strongly encourages scholarships - "We do not want the fee to join to be a barrier for any girl".
There is a link to the scholarship application right from our reg page, scroll down.
In addition - There is a formal Referral program put in place to help us find the girls who need our programming the most. Referrals can be made by any professional who works with kids (counselors, therapists, teachers, social workers, ministry, etc.)
Referrals receive a 100% scholarship as well. We reserve at minimum three referral spots at every site.
SC Rotary club donation photo pictured below
Rose delivery day is March 14th. 
$20/donzen Red or Multi Colored
$20/box of 24ct Caramels, Sea Salt and Regular.
Ask any Rotarian for help in getting yours this year.
We are so fortunate as a club to be able to donate to such great organizations, right here in Sauk Centre.

The weekend project.
Our mission is to provide weekend food packs to students at Melrose and Sauk Centre elementary schools. We know that students with enough to eat are ready to learn. By feeding the young minds in our community, we hope to help our future leaders concentrate on school and not empty stomachs.

To donate: It's always best to donate dollars instead of food so they can get exactly what they need. Please check out the site:
Follow on Facebook at

Our first STRIVE student received his check for improving his GPA the most for first quarter. Pictured are Isaac Winters who is our STRIVE program leader for the 2018-2019 SCHS year and recipient Landyn Zimney with his $75 check!! Congrats and we can't wait to see you "Strive" for more this year!

Our club had the honor to donate to the Junior Achievement program in Sauk Centre. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supports our fundraisers so we can give it back to our Community and Youth programs.

Junior Achievement teaches students in grades K-12 about money management, entrepreneurship, and prepares them to succeed in school and beyond. Below is a link for more information

Standing from left: Matt Hoeschen, Mark Kranz, Janelle Borgman, Pat Jennissen, Brenda Jennissen, Tiffany Wiese, Mike Traeger, Kim Korteum, Darron Nelson. Sitting from left Jennifer Kerfeld and Laurie Fevig

Christmas for a Senior- Alternative Senior Care
When this program started it was called Santa4aSenior just for Clients, then 3 or 4 years later changed name to Christmas for a Senior. Now they opened it up to local area Businesses, all around neighboring communities, churches and hospitals. People from all around the area nominate friends and family members to receive the gifts. They receive gifts like; GC for gas, food, everyday essentials ect…
Volunteers accepted for shopping, wrapping and delivery!
Standing from left:
Moe Otte, John Fevig, Bob Bearson, Dan Brooks, Mark Maloney, Matt Hoeschen, Mike and Cindy Karasch, Mark Kranz, Paul Knutson and Mike Traeger
Sitting from left: Darron Nelson and Sheri Lemke
We welcomed back Bendikt from Germany who also brought his sister Castanza along to see the U.S. They are currently staying with Mark Kranz and his family. They have a lot of plans to sight see, head to California and more. It's great to have him back to visit. Benedikt was our exchange student a few years back and had graduated and is ready to pursue a career in law. Side note: He still LOVES hashbrowns!
Pictured below with Mark Kranz.
Welcome Arnaud from Belgium. He is our exchange student who is staying with Sarah Trisko's family.
He is pictured here with Sarah Trisko (left) and Mike Traeger (right) our club President as they exchange Rotary flags. 
We are excited to hear and learn about his home and his Country in the coming weeks.

Golf Fundraiser was a success! This year, we had a net profit of $5276.74 

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and everyone who participated in our event this year! We are so grateful for everyone to continues to support our Rotary Club. We love to be able to put the money back into the community. BELOW are a few photos of what we did with some of the proceeds from last years fundraiser!
If you have a chance head down to the Sinclair Lewis Park, by the bandshell to check out the benches, or better yet, catch a 'Concert in the Park' on Wednesdays at 7pm.
We also installed a Little Free Library at the Sauk Centre Area Community Garden.
Congratulations to our 50/50 Raffle winner Abby Welberg. $3,840!!


Little Free Library- It has been installed down by the SC Area Community Garden. Please add books if you can. Anything is great!! Attached is a photo. How cute is that?! Thanks Mark Kranz for getting that ordered and installed!

Also, while your at the garden adding books, pick/weed the garden and enjoy some fresh veggies!! "See you at the Garden"


Park Benches  Installed down at the Sinclair Lewis Park, by the bandshell. They look great and are a wonderful addition to the Concert in the Park Series for the City of Sauk Centre!



STRIVE comes to a close.
We are so proud of all the students this year for completing our Strive program at the Sauk Centre High School.

A special congratulations to our scholarship winners:
Jordan Kleckner for a $1000 scholarship
August Sarracco for a $500 scholarship

Here are a few photos from the banquet Wednesday, May 16th

A HUGE thank you to all of our mentors, staff at SCHS for helping us through the year, Jitters for hosting the banquet for us and Issac Winters for coordinating the program this year.

Fun Bins were placed at the Splash Pad. Thank you to Centra-Care- Feeling Good MN for allowing the Sauk Centre Rotary club to partner with you to provide Sauk Centre with these bins.
There will be a few more bins placed around town in the coming weeks.
On Tuesday February 27th, 2018 Bob Bearson was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship at the Sauk Centre Rotary Meeting held at MN National Bank in Sauk Centre.
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition award acknowledges people who contribute to The Rotary Foundation, or who have contributions made in their name. Rotary International’s very own Florencia Fingolo was presented with the Paul Harris Fellow by the former president of Rotary Foundation, Ron Burton.
Rhonda and Jerrod from Tri-CAP came to speak on Feb 20th.
Tri-CAP has been around since 1962 and offers a wide variety of service to our area. Transportation being one in the Sauk Centre area that has been useful to many residents of the community. There is no age range, they serve many preschools in the area, and make many visits to the Eagles Healing nest to help get people where they need to go. You might see the red/white bus around town!
In addition they offer many other programs for assistance including, housing, tax classes, energy assistance, rental 101, home repair & ownership,  nutrition and much more. Information on these programs can be found on the website:

Mary Rothstein and Jenna Sunderman from Wacosa-

WACOSA is a non-profit organization, established in 1963, and initially started by parents seeking support for their children. Today, WACOSA serves over 625 adults with disabilities in central MN. WACOSA’s main goal is to enrich lives and to find employment opportunities in order to give everyone the chance to live and work in their communities. While our main mission is vocational, we also offer many other services to adults with disabilities, such as art, physical fitness and gardening classes offered throughout the year. Our Seniors Program encourages our senior clients to participate in volunteering all around our community. When work is slow, our friendly professional staff work with various vocational or self-help based curricula to encourage employment and a strong sense of self-esteem.

WACOSA is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, certified through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, and accredited by CARF.

WACOSA established it's name by combining the first two letters of the communities that we had physical facilities in.  WAite Park, COld Spring and SAuk Centre.  While we no longer have a facility in Cold Spring, we still service that area, and many more!



Our Sauk Centre Rotary Club is selling roses again this year to fund projects in our local community.
$20 per dozen and personally delivered to anyone in Sauk Centre, Melrose, Freeport and Long Prairie.
We are also selling gourmet caramels.  A 24 count package for $20 as well.  Order both for $40.
Delivery will be March 22-23. 
If ordering roses, please specify “red or multi-color”.
If ordering caramels, please specify “regular or sea-salt”.
On Tuesday January 16th, 2018 Mark Maloney was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship at the Sauk Centre Rotary Meeting held at MN National Bank in Sauk Centre.
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition award acknowledges people who contribute to The Rotary Foundation, or who have contributions made in their name. Rotary International’s very own Florencia Fingolo was presented with the Paul Harris Fellow by the former president of Rotary Foundation, Ron Burton.
Pictured are recipient Mark Maloney and President Mike Traeger
On Tuesday January 9th, 2018 Dan Brooks was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship at the Sauk Centre Rotary Meeting held at MN National Bank in Sauk Centre.
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition award acknowledges people who contribute to The Rotary Foundation, or who have contributions made in their name. Rotary International’s very own Florencia Fingolo was presented with the Paul Harris Fellow by the former president of Rotary Foundation, Ron Burton.
Pictured are: President Mike Traeger, Dan Brooks and District Governor Bob Halagan
On Tuesday January 9th, 2018 the Sauk Centre Rotary club had the pleasure of listening to our District Governor speak. Bob Halagan has deep passionand belief for what Rotary is and how we can change the world.
Bob Halagan has been a member of the Buffalo Rotary Club since 2000 and served as its President in 2009-2010.  He has also served as District 5950 Legal Counsel from 2011-2014, Area 13 Assistant Governor from 2010–2013 and District Fundraising Chair from 2013-2016. Bob’s Rotary journey has taken him, among other places, on numerous service trips to Guatemala where his club, in conjunction with other Rotary clubs has authored or participated over $400,000 in Rotary grants including grants promoting economic development, nutrition and maternal health for indigenous women. 
Joel & Emily Dunn came to the Rotary meeting to share information about a local program for Special Olympics/young athletes right here in Sauk Centre.
It is a sport and play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities, ages 2 to 7 years old. Young Athletes introduces basic sport skills, like running, kicking and throwing. Young Athletes offers families, teachers, caregivers and people from the community the chance to share the joy of sports with all children. 
The Sauk Centre Rotary club is a participant of the Warm hands Warm hearts program. Hats, gloves and mittens were donated to the Elementary school and also the Holy Family school in Sauk Centre.
Pictures below are a few members dropping them off with students at each school.
Katie Gruber from CentraCare
Blend program specialist.
B.L.E.N.D (Better Living Exercise and Nutrition Daily) is committed to improving the health of children in Central Minnesota by reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity. A coalition of medical professionals, parents, and health care advocates work in four focus areas: physical activity, nutrition, medical community, and advocacy.
WORLD POLIO DAY - we had a little World Polio Day info session where we shared 3 videos on the history of polio and Rotary's involvement, the Gates Foundation's initiative to match donations $2 for every $1 donated and the Drop to Zero campaign to eradicate polio. 
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