Posted on Feb 25, 2019
BIO Girls of Sauk Centre
Bio girls is a 12 week program that is for girls ages 7-14 in Sauk Centre. This is the first year in Sauk Centre, MN and they are looking for some start up funds. It takes $3500 just to get the program up and running for a full year. They can allow 35 girls into the program, IF they receive more than 35 applications then they will use the lottery system to determine the 35 who will be accepted.
The program help young ladies find their worth so they can confidently stand up to social pressures as they get into the tough teenage years. For every 3 students there will be a mentor and they will meet weekly and do activities (most outdoors) for about an hour and a half, at the end of the program they will run a 5K as a completion to the program. There is a registration fee for each girl to participate.

BIO Girls strongly encourages scholarships - "We do not want the fee to join to be a barrier for any girl".
There is a link to the scholarship application right from our reg page, scroll down.
In addition - There is a formal Referral program put in place to help us find the girls who need our programming the most. Referrals can be made by any professional who works with kids (counselors, therapists, teachers, social workers, ministry, etc.)
Referrals receive a 100% scholarship as well. We reserve at minimum three referral spots at every site.
SC Rotary club donation photo pictured below