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Katie Gruber from CentraCare
Blend program specialist.
B.L.E.N.D (Better Living Exercise and Nutrition Daily) is committed to improving the health of children in Central Minnesota by reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity. A coalition of medical professionals, parents, and health care advocates work in four focus areas: physical activity, nutrition, medical community, and advocacy.
WORLD POLIO DAY - we had a little World Polio Day info session where we shared 3 videos on the history of polio and Rotary's involvement, the Gates Foundation's initiative to match donations $2 for every $1 donated and the Drop to Zero campaign to eradicate polio. 
Kim Holland Lyon
Kim is an associate Advisor for Thompson Wealth Management. Kim offers advice for financial planning, helping them prepare for financial independence and managing their investment portfolio. She and her Husband Roger, live in a rural area south of Alexandria. She has really enjoyed being able to help country families with financial needs.
The Click family at The Old Course, Sauk Centre.
Steve and his family purchased the property in 2012 and have been busy remodeling. The golf course has been full renovated, it is now a reversiable 9, so you can plany both directions. Last season they hosted 15 events, other than that, they were closed. Next year (2018) they are planning to do private memberships and guests. Plans to offer, Pro lessons, food beverages and to be open to hosting events.
Providing community wide education, prevention, and intervention of human trafficking to middle-school students and their families
Matt Imdieke- Central MN Realty.
Opened in 2014. Currently over 30 agents all over Central MN.  Melrose, SC, Paynesville, St Joe, Kimball,  LP, Albany.
Melanie Wander-The weekend project.
Our mission is to provide weekend food packs  to students at Melrose ( 67 students) and Sauk Centre (50 students) elementary schools. We know that students with enough to eat are ready to learn. By feeding the young minds in our community, we hope to  help our future leaders concentrate on school and not empty stomachs.

They are currently working with Coborns to get the best deals, also for meal planning.
In the pack, the student will find 2 breakfast items, 2 mini meals, 2 snacks, and 2 fruit products.

To donate: It's always best to donate dollars instead of food so they can get exactly what they need. Please check out the site: 
Also, you can follow them on facebook at
Sept 5, 2017 meeting update:
Club News -
* Jean reported a second host family (Tom and Kathy Oschwald) has been arranged!  Matteo is currently staying with Brad and Kristie Kirckof.
* Isaac and Mike will meet with Ms Endersbe at school to get the STRIVE program started for 2017-18 and will update the club.
* Our club will be packing meals for The Weekend Project on Thursday, Sept 21st.  We need 6-8 volunteers.  Please mark your calendar!
* Paul reported that the fun box at the splash pad is being worked on and hopes to have it there soon!
* Mike will be asking for some help with pricing and such for the bench idea near the band shell.  If you are able to help, please let Mike know.
* Rev Roger Phillips invited all of us to his church's fundraiser at ElmerZ on Thursday night from 6-8pm.  Food, music and auction! $20 to attend.
Roger was also our program and he told his story of his 4 careers (Teacher, Naval Officer, RE Prop Mgmt, Priesthood) and recounted many fabulous stories from his childhood through his times in the Navy.  We may need a follow-up to hear "the rest of the story" next Spring.  He's always gracious to discuss these, so if you missed the program ask him about how he got to this point.  He'll turn 80 years young soon! (sorry, no pic)
We are excited to welcome our exchange student Matteao Manzano from Italy. We look forward to hearing stories and updates about his year here in Minnesota.
Golf Fundraiser was a SUCCESS!
A HUGE thank you to Mike Traeger, Sheri and Denise for organizing this event.
Here are the winners from all the raffles and Golf games:
Sarah Trisko - $3940 from 50/50 raffle
Jerry Schurman and Gordy Yarke – golf winners ($150)
Jake Berling and Kyle Metcalf – Mystery prize ($100)
Greg Welle and John Welle – Myster prize ($50)
Jerry Schurman – Holi-in-One Jackpot ($175)
Eric Moritz – Rotary ball roll ($160)
Brian Riley – Closest to Pin ($100)
Missy Traeger – Longest Putt (putter)
In all, that’s nearly $5,000 of prizes that were won at our event! Congratulations to all!
Matt Varilek- Initiative Foundation.
Matt is from a small town near Yankton SD.  Matt attended Carlton College in Northfield, MN where he earned his degree in philosophy, he also took a year to study abroad in Paraguay.  After collage he was awarded the Ambassador Scholarship through Rotary. Receiving this scholarship had a major impact on his life and changed the trajectory of his path. After receiving the scholarship he studied economics at University of Glasgow in Scotland. Economics was not his first choice, but found a love for this study as well, this degree led him to where he is at today. 
Matt is the President of the Initiative Foundation, located in Little Falls MN. For over 30 years, the Initiative Foundation has empowered local people to build thriving communities across Central Minnesota. Matt and his team are in charge of 14 Counties in Central MN.
The Foundation focuses on :
1. Economy (business and jobs)
2. Community (quality of life)
3. Philanthropy, (giving and funds).
Another successful year for our Strive program for students at Sauk Centre High School.
Pictured below are the achievers of the final awards presented at our banquet this year, which was held at Jitters Java café on May 17th.
All the students and mentors have been working very hard since the beginning of the school year, meetings are held at the SCHS, once a month. Students are able to have lunch and meet with their mentor and talk about anything that they want advice with. It's been a successful year!
Congratulations to everyone!
$1000 scholarship was Emma Copley and $500 winner was Devin Thielen.
$250 attitude award to Emma Copley, $250 attendance award to Jon Asfeld, Tablet to Shauna Wiese.
Sauk Centre History Museum & Research Center has a new place to call home. . It will take up to 8 years before they can call the old creamery building in Sauk Centre their permanent home.
The Museum Board of Directors are looking at renovations and grants to complete the project. The board has many plans and dreams for this building and when it's completed, this is sure to be an attraction that will showcase the history and traditions of our small community.
Jeff Schuster-SC Archery program
1st season, 18 kids and by the 3rd year 70 kids on team.
After school activity, summer rec programs.
Jeff truly loves working with kids and also the sport of archery.

Challenges are keeping coaches from buring out.... They are all volunteers. Practice twice weekly.
There's been so much growth so that in itself had been a challenge. Because of that, they will be moving practice back to elem gym.
The programs tries to provide equipment for all the students, so any donations from local clubs and organizations are always helpful.

Participation fee is $100
MSHSL is not listed archery as a sport right now, but it may change in the future.
Centra Care Development officer
Preach teach and heal.
High quality Health-care,  close to home.

Paul's main goal at Centra Care is to help educate people about insurance and how to gain access to healthcare.
He talk about the different challenges in healthcare, challenges in staffing, and a few of the benefits of working with Centra Care in St Cloud
He talked about the economic impact that Centra Care has in our small town- over 200 jobs.

What's coming?
- Nursing home remodel or replace? Still very early on and brainstorming.
- Come and See events, tours for the community.
June 20th, golf tourney.  All invited.
Chris has been with State Farm for 10 years now. He loves to meet with people and ask a lot of questions about them. He likes to get to know 'who' they are and 'what' he can help with.
He loves coaching his team at the office and has said that his proudest accomplishment would be that he has helped 2 former members open up their own offices.
A little about Chris:
He and his wife (Laura) live in Sauk Centre and have a beautiful baby girl (Vivienne)
Favorite place to eat, Pizza Luce- Minneapolis
If he could travel to 1 place today he would go to Norway
He has 2 siblings and grew up in Willmar MN.
Tim Nelson Family Benefit.

Tim suffers from Fabry disease, both Tim and daughters Sarah and Stephanie suffer from it as well. There is no cure and requires an infusion every 2 weeks. Both of the girls and Tim receive these infusions, they take 6 hours. As a result of the disease, Tim suffered several TIAs and strokes in February, this ended in brain surgery. They are hoping this will help prevent the strokes.  He has been out of work for 2mo, with a lot of bills, so close friends are helping the family relieve some of the financial burden. His plans are to go back to work on Monday at Holiday in Alexandria.
April 30th, 4-7p.m.
Just beautiful, if you haven't had a chance to get in there to see it, stop by. They have fresh cookies and coffee available!
Check out the Facebook page for a view of the inside!
Help support Sauk Centre Rotary Club by purchasing a dozen beautiful roses. We have 2 choices available, Red or Lollipop, $20/dozen.  Please contact any Rotarian to place an order or  email
We have added gourmet caramels to our fundraiser this year. These caramels are Gluten free and come in Seal Salt or Regular. $20/box of 24
Richard Polipnick, from Talk Solar shared information about the benefits of solar panel energy
Why they are safe, how efficient they are, low investments costs, 30%tax credit, why solar panels are becoming popular.
Raising the value of your property, they are the most reliable renewable resource.
Thank you for sharing Richard.
Josh Waltzing from Empower Boxing and Taekwondo of Sauk Centre.
Josh talked about Enriching confidence in people and how students of all ages are becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger by using Martial Art techniques and training. Josh has a school in Sauk Centre on Main Street and a location in Alexandria. He has the largest school in West Central MN,
Thanks for sharing Josh!
On Feb 14th, Cindy Karasch was awarded as a Paul Harris Fellow and Dan Brooks was awarded as a 2-time Paul Harris Fellow.  Congratulations to both of them and their contributions to the Rotary Foundation and our club!
Also, our club viewed our website and it's capabilities.  We're looking for all Rotary members to update their profile on our website.  Mike will email all members their login info and re-assign passwords so everyone can update their profile.  Please do this by Feb 21st. 
Rose sale is on April 5th.  Start selling roses.  Tom Haase also reported about selling caramels and we'll be selling both regular and sea salt caramels.  Our cost is comparable to the roses and gives each of us another item to sell for those who don't desire roses.  These will be sold for $20 each as well.
Feb 21st, 2017
Pam Borgmann from the CVB talked about the Bandshell Project at the Sinclair Lewis park, restoration, fundraising, design ect. This project is going to allow for Sauk Centre to host more bands and music down at the Sinclair Lewis Park. She also gave a little information on what the CVB does and how they are funded. If you would like more information, please visit the Facebook page 'Sauk Centre Bandshell Project' or visit the website:
Superintendent, Pat Westby shared with us his vision for the Sauk Centre area school district.
Originally from Pelican Rapids, he is from a large family of 7 and grew up farming. It was very appealing to him to join our school district because of our strong community of agriculture.
He and his wife Kathy have been married 27 yrs. They have 2 kids Isaiah-senior and Mackenna-freshman, both are attending SCHS.
His first impression of SC is that we are a very welcoming community....that is lovely to hear.
He talked about different ideas for the school and shared what things we, as a district, can work on together. How we help our students receive the best education in Sauk Centre.
Current enrollment is1050 kids k-12.
We are lucky to have someone take an interest in our district like Pat has, thank you for sharing!
November 2017


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